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Override the hotkey message on windows mobile platform

今天写了一个smartphone上的小程序,发现一个很奇怪的问题,就是当我用DoModal谈出一个对话框时,即使我的焦点在对话框的一个Edit control里面,只要我一按back,对话框就会被cancel掉,而不是删除edit中的一个字符。   找啊找啊找,终于找到了这个函数: SHSendBackToFocusWindow   From MSDN: This function sends the BACK key to the control with focus. After an application overrides the BACK key by sending the SHCMBM_OVERRIDEKEY message to its menu bar, the BACK key message is … Continue reading

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转贴:What’s so special about the desktop window?

转贴一篇关于Desktop Window的文章,因为我以前犯过类似的错误:) What’s so special about the desktop window? The window returned by GetDesktopWindow() is very special, and I see people abusing it all over the place. For example, many functions in the shell accept a window handle parameter to … Continue reading

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