Learning embedded things: Arduino like or something else…

Since the day I realized that my life is getting boring, I decided to do something fun. Embedded system and electronics look like very attractive to me. Talking about that, there are very popular “Arduino” things: you have the development board, and very good high level frameworks. By simply put some code together, you can make your own robots, wireless sensors, remote toys, …. Pretty cool! However, the “framework” hides too much details from you. It’s hard to understand how embedded system works and how the electronic signals make differences. Because of that, I have one Arduino board in my junk box untouched, instead, I started my adventure with MSP430 launch pad, which basically gives you nothing other than an IDE/compiler to work with. So far, I like that, at least it teaches me one thing: reading datasheet line by line to know how to configure your uC to do the right thing…


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