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How to ignore Python3 stdin encoding error?

I was writing some quick and dirty python script to parse output of another command line application. So here is what I had: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import sys for line in sys.stdin: print(“RECEIVED:” + line.rstrip()) Of course you will run into … Continue reading

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WyzeCam without SD card?

Disclaimer: I’m doing this purely for fun. I have no guarantee this will work for you. It may brick your wyze camera, void your warranty or cause other damages. So do this at your own risk and don’t blame on … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering Zuma Deluxe’s level file

It was really hot last weekend, and both my son and I ended up staying home. To kill the time, I ended up playing a small game called “Zuma Deluxe” with him. It’s probably a very old game, but still … Continue reading

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